3D Printing Gallery

Drone Landing Gear

Filament: Polycarbonate

This landing gear needed to be both rigid and impact resistant so polycarbonate was an excellent choice.

Polycarbonate 3D Printer Filament

Helical Gear

Filament: Nylon Carbon Fiber

We typically use regular Nylon for gears but wanted to see how the carbon fiber variant would work with the added surface texture. While we thought the extra friction would be an issue, it performed very well.

Nylon Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

Topology Optimization

Filament: PLA with PVA Dissolvable Supports

This intricate model required dissolvable (PVA) supports due to its complex shape. We utilized dense support layers in Cura to save on PVA consumption. Supports were manually removed and the remaining residue was quickly removed using warm water.

PLA and PVA 3D Printer Fialament Dissolvable


Filament: ABS Carbon Fiber with Heat-set Inserts

Printed without an enclosure and finished with heat-set inserts for extra rigidity on the threads.

ABS Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

Vase Mode

Filament: PLA Carbon Fiber

This vase was an excellent model to show the detail created with our PLA CF. It was printed at 80mm/s and there was no layer separating or defect of any kind.

PLA Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

Robot Support

Filament: PETG Carbon Fiber

This part was used on one of the robotic arms we developed. PETG CF gave us the perfect balance of strength and toughness.

PETG Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament

Drone Landing Gear Adapter

Filament: ABS

This part needed to take extreme impact and be able to flex so we decided to use ABS. The part withstood several crash landings and never broke.

ABS 3D Printer Filament

Drill Bit Sharpener


Even after the heat from sharpening several drill bits, this part continued to hold its shape.

PETG 3D Printer Filament

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