PTFE Teflon® Premium Bowden Tube
PTFE Teflon® Premium Bowden Tube


Ensure your filament is delivered smoothly to your hotend with our premium PTFE bowden tubing. Unlike a lot of other suppliers, ours are manufactured for us, specifically for 3D printing applications by Chicago Tube.


  • Genuine Teflon® Material (lowest friction on the market)
  • High-Temperature Resistance (275°C Max*)
  • OD: 4mm - ID 1.9mm
  • Print Flexible Materials
  • Lower Retraction Settings
  • Manufactured by Chicago Tube to our specifications
  • Length: 1 meter (Approx. 39 inches)

*Warning: Many manufacturers are incorrectly claiming their tubing can withstand temperatures beyond 275°C. We have spoken directly with the parent company of Teflon® and have confirmed this is unsafe because of the fumes that are released above this temperature.

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