Polypropylene HT1™ 3D Printer Build Plate
Polypropylene HT1™ 3D Printer Build PlatePolypropylene HT1™ 3D Printer Build PlatePolypropylene HT1™ 3D Printer Build Plate

NOTE: Ender 3 and 5 Use 235 x 235


Ditch The Glue Stick and Hairspray!

Our Polypropylene HT1™ Build Plate is lighter and flatter than glass making it an ideal replacement for stock build surfaces. Our special etching process eliminates adhesion issues and the reduced weight helps to prevent ghosting caused by resonance from heavy glass beds. Most types of filament can be printed without using any type of adhesion promoter!


Recommended Temperatures (°C):


  • PLA: 45-75 (Recommended: 60)
  • Flexible filament: 50-70
  • ABS: 100-125 (Recommended: 110)
  • *Nylon: 90-120 (Recommended: 110)
  • PC: 90-120 (Recommended: 100)
  • PP: 100-130 (Recommended: 120)
  • PETG: 75-85 (Recommended: 80)


*Certain nylon filament may require adhesion promotors


220X220: Anet A8, Wanhao Dup 6, Dup i3, i3 Plus, Ultimaker 1/2/3, Cocoon Touch, MonoPrice Select Plus

235X235: Creality Ender 3/4/5, Creality CR-20/CR-20 Pro, Geeetech A10 Series (all), Artillery Genius

241 X 254: Prusa MK3 and MK3S

260X260: Geeetech A20 Series (All) 

310X310: Artillery Sidewinder X1, Creality CR-10/CR-10S, Folger Tech FT5, Tevo Black Widow, JG Aurora A5 Series, Wanhao D9(300) 

310X320: Creality CR-10S Pro, CR-X, CR-10 V2

377X370: Creality Ender 5 Plus 

**Chart is for reference only. We recommend measuring your build surface before ordering

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