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EZMat™ Friction Build Plate Mount
EZMat™ Friction Build Plate MountEZMat™ Friction Build Plate MountEZMat™ Friction Build Plate MountEZMat™ Friction Build Plate Mount

NOTE: Ender 3 and 5 Use 235 x 235



Still Using Binder Clips?

Utilize your entire glass build plate and stop worrying about crashing your nozzle or ABL sensor into binder clips. Our EZMat™ Build Plate Mount securely holds your glass build plate in place using only friction. Our proprietary polymer guarantees your bed will be locked in place for even the longest prints while still allowing easy removal of your build plate when necessary.




  • Allows the full use of your build area
  • No more worrying about crashing into binder clips
  • Eliminates binder clips which can warp glass
  • No-Slip Guarantee
  • Ultra-thin (0.5mm) to allow maximum thermal transfer
  • Swap build plates in seconds
  • High-temp 3M Adhesive (150°C Rated)

Note: Mats can be easily cut with scissors to fit any size printer


220X220: Anet A8, Wanhao Dup 6, Dup i3, i3 Plus, Ultimaker 1/2/3, Cocoon Touch, MonoPrice Select Plus

235X235: Creality Ender 3/4/5, Creality CR-20/CR-20 Pro, Geeetech A10 Series (all), Artillery Genius

241 X 254: Prusa MK3 and MK3S

260X260: Geeetech A20 Series (All) 

310X310: Artillery Sidewinder X1, Creality CR-10/CR-10S, Folger Tech FT5, Tevo Black Widow, JG Aurora A5 Series, Wanhao D9(300) 

310X320: Creality CR-10S Pro, CR-X, CR-10 V2

377X370: Creality Ender 5 Plus 

**Chart is for reference only. We recommend measuring your build surface before ordering

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