3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System
3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System3DM Flex Pro™ PEI Flex Plate System

NOTE: Ender 3 and 5 Use 235 x 235


Next Generation Flex Plate System

Next Generation

Flex Plate System

The only thing we improved is everything

Our 3DM Flex Pro™ is the most advanced 3D printer build plate on the market. We promise once you get your hands on one you will agree. We redesigned it from the ground up to ensure it offers best-in-class performance. The result is a build plate that is easier to use, more durable, and guaranteed to outperform anything else available. 

New Features:

Textured Side:

We overhauled our PEI (Ultem®) powder coating process to improve durability, adhesion, and surface finish. Perfect for creating a unique textured finish that closely resembles what's often found on injection molded parts.

(see example)

Textured PEI Flex Plate

Smooth Side:

Our new PEI Ultra™ film is 5X more durable than regular PEI. Unlike traditional PEI, you can now print PETG and TPU without worrying about tearing the PEI film. You are no longer required to use Windex® or glue stick as a release agent when printing with any filament type. At just 0.2mm thick, its durability is equivalent to 1mm regular PEI.  
Smooth PEI Flex Plate

FlexLok™ Magnetic Base:

We ditched the flimsy "refrigerator magnet" and replaced it with our brand new flat-as-glass FlexLok™ rigid base which features embedded high-strength, high-temperature magnets capable of 165°C bed temperatures. The result is a base that provides the strongest magnetic holding power, highest temperature resistance, and a perfectly flat foundation for your flex plate.
3D Printer Magnetic Base

Rear Alignment Pins:

Position your flex plate quickly and easily with our new alignment system. Simply place the flex plate's integrated rear alignment tab against the self-centering pins. You can be confident your build surface is positioned perfectly, every time.
3D Printer PEI Flex Plate System

360° Interactive View:

  • Rotate: Left Click & Drag
  • Zoom: Roll Mouse Wheel
  • Full Screen Mode: Double-Click

Touch Screen Compatible

Kit Includes:

  • Flex Build Plate w/ pre-applied smooth & textured PEI
  • FlexLok™ base w/ embedded magnets & 3M adhesive
  • User instructions

Compatible Filament:

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Nylon*
  • Polycarbonate
  • ASA
  • Wood-Filled
  • Metal-Filled
  • TPU
  • TPE
*requires adhesion promotor (ex. Nano Polymer Adhesive)

Designed • Built • Supported

Sizing Guide:

Note: Dimensions do not include the front and rear tab

220X220: Anet A8, Wanhao Dup 6, Dup i3, i3 Plus, Ultimaker 1/2/3, Cocoon Touch, MonoPrice Select Plus
235X235: Creality Ender 3/4/5, Creality CR-20/CR-20 Pro, Geeetech A10 Series (all), Artillery Genius

241 X 254: Prusa MK3 and MK3S

260X260: Geeetech A20 Series (All) 

310X310: Artillery Sidewinder X1, Creality CR-10/CR-10S, Folger Tech FT5, Tevo Black Widow, JG Aurora A5 Series, Wanhao D9(300) 

310X320: Creality CR-10S Pro, CR-X, CR-10 V2

377X370: Creality Ender 5 Plus 

**Chart is for reference only. We recommend measuring your build surface before ordering

QA Information:

Each plate is inspected to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Due to the nature of manufacturing light scuffs, tiny bubbles under the film (unless raised) are considered normal

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